Our Services



We provide a comprehensive and end-to-end framework for finance and accounting BPO services.

We have the ability to help companies cover strategic financial planning, internal auditing and all financial supporting functions and services.


Business owners can outsource complete finance functions to us. The key benefit for small and medium-sized entities is that the preparation of financial statements should be easier and less costly. It will also let owners easily assess financial performance – what they owe, what they own, and their cash flows.

Using the most modern technology available, we offer a complete range of accounting/bookkeeping, financial planning and analysis, and financial controlling services to companies all over the world.


We acts as the Internal Audit function, helping to:

  • Provide the organization with a greater level of assurance and risk coverage 
  • Offer short- and long-term cost flexibility and scalability. 
  • Save the organization as much as 20% to 40% in costs. 
  • Boost operational efficiency and performance. 
  • Coordinate with the organization’s governance, risk, and compliance program. 
  • Identify and manage emerging risks more effectively. 
  • Provide broader skills sets and deeper industry specialization, on an as-needed basis. 
  • Supply intellectual capital, offering proactive insights and recommendations on leading practices. 


We provide different coaching and training programs to address your needs. Whether you need to develop leadership skills, get trained, understand the numbers, or plan for the future, we have designed the coaching program for you. 

Our Financial Leadership Programs focuses on taking anyone responsible for driving profits and cash flow to the next level. In these training programs, participants expect to develop financial strategies, tactics, and leadership skills these programs creates success through financial leadership.

Our portfolio of training programs includes:


•International Financial Reporting “IFRS” – Full Training Program

•International Financial Reporting “IFRS” – Tailored “Industry Specific” Training Program

•Certified Public Accountant “CPA” – Training Program

•Certified Management Accountant “CMA” – Training Program

•Financial Statements Preparation – Workshop

•Financial Statements Analysis – Workshop

•Developing Financial Reporting Package with KPIs – Tailored “Industry Specific” Workshop

•Operations to P&L Leader – Non-Finance Workshop

•Budgeting and short-term planning – Tailored “Industry Specific” Workshop

•Strategic Planning “long-term” – Tailored “Industry Specific” Workshop